Saturday, December 11, 2010

Revisiting Private Wheeler Sharp

Last year, after being allowed into my Aunt Lucille’s stash of photos, I posted on some of the pictorial finds. One of those was Pvt. Wheeler “Bubba” Sharp, who was one of my grandmother’s people.

I’ve traced “Bubba” backwards and forward, but have been unsuccessful in determining the connection he had to my grandmother. As stated previously, Bubba and his family migrated out of Walton County, Georgia about the same time my grandparents did and briefly settled in my home county in North Carolina before eventually moving on to Ohio.

Since posting about “Bubba,” I’ve often wondered if any of his children were still living and if so how I might get in touch with them. Well, this morning, the answer fell into my lap. I came across my potential lead toward finding out more about Bubba in the usual way I sometimes unexpectedly find leads; I simply was playing around, doing a Google search on various things I wanted to find answers to. Today I searched “‘Wheeler Sharp’ Ohio.”

I’m sure I’ve done this or a similar search before but came up empty. Today was different. Today, the obituary for one of Wheeler’s son’s, Avie, came up. Avie died last month. As luck would have it, two of Avie’s siblings are still living. So of course I’m planning to try to get in touch with them. Hoping and praying that 1) they will respond and 2) that at the least that they can tell me how “Bubba” is one of my grandmother’s people.

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  1. I love google! hope they get in touch and give you some information.


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