Sunday, December 18, 2011

2011 Genealogy Christmas Wish List

I just realized that Genealogy Santa was pretty good to me last year. While I didn't get the Flip Camcorder or Wayfarers in Walton County, I did manage to get everything else on my 2010 Genealogy Wish List.

Of course I have to admit that I didn't actually get the Kia Soul at Christmas time but about 6 months later when the Suzuki Forenza decided that it had had enough.

So what's on my Genealogy Christmas Wish List for 2011.

Camcorder - Since Cisco decided to exist the Flip Video business, I've decided that I would prefer a regular camcorder. As I noted last year, the size of regular camcorders has come down tremendously. As stated last year, I think a small camcorder is perfect for those times when a you need a bit more than a still shot. I just have to determine the one that is right for me and my needs so that I can tell Santa.

Wayfarers in Walton County - I still would like a copy of this. Maybe this will be the year Santa can find a copy to place under my tree.

Nook - No particular reason I need this other than I'm a gadget freak. I'm sure genealogist need a reader for something.

So there you have it. No big ticket items like last year, so I'm hoping Santa can be accommodating.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday

Research wise, these past few months have been pretty good. While I've not been able to peel away another layer in my lineage or been able to determine that final slave owner. I have had a few successes.

The first was being able to obtain pictures of my Great Grand Aunt's, Nunna Pierce Sims, final resting place. Nunna, is one of my maternal great grandad's, Cornelius Pierce, younger sisters.

For the bulk of my ancestors and collateral relatives, I have no clue whether there is a marker at their grave or not but I still make request because while its not a picture of the ancestor, for me, a picture of the grave and / or marker is still better than nothing. It gives you something to hold onto, to touch, and to imagine their time here on earth.

First, I found Aunt Nunna's death certificate on Georgia Virtual Vault.

The death certificate indicated that she was interred in South View Cemetery in Atlanta, GA. So, I did what I usually do when armed with such information. Yes, I immediately went to Find-a-Grave and entered Aunt Nunna's information and submitted a photo request. My volunteer went to South View twice trying to find Aunt Nunna's grave but was unable to locate the grave and stated that the cemetery had no records on file for Aunt Nunna.

Yes, I was disappointed but you know we researchers don't give up that easily, so a few months back I decided to try again except this time I wrote the cemetery and included a copy of Aunt Nunna's death certificate. Well, no wonder my Find-a-grave volunteer couldn't find her, because all the cemetery records have Aunt Nunna's first name listed as Unna instead of Nunna. Even the marker on her vault has Unna.

But I was able to determine that this was definitely Aunt Nunna based on the burial records / cards that South View provided in addition to the pictures they took for me.

The burial records indicate that Aunt Nunna's husband bought this four person plot when Aunt Nunna died in 1921. In addition to Aunt Nunna, her husband Matthew is interred with her in the brick vault. There are also two other Sims that are buried in this plot. I plan to explore them more in the future to determine exactly who they are.

I hope to be able to visit my Great Grand Aunt's grave in person one day, hopefully next year during the family reunion, but for now I'll just enjoy these pictures.

Pictures taken by the staff of South View Cemetery Association.