Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Blog Caroling, 2010 - A Non Traditional Song

I love music, period but especially Christmas music. I like traditional renditions of traditional songs but I also like traditional songs played in other genres such as jazz, soul, R&B, and rock. I especially like non traditional Christmas songs. So with all that in mind and remembering songs and groups from my youth, my entry for Footnote Maven's Annual Tradition of Blog Caroling is Give Love on Christmas Day by none other than little Michael Jackson and his brothers, aka The Jackson Five. This version is sung A cappella.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing that, and taking me back to the warm memories of singing along with my 1972 J-5 Christmas album! This is definitely one of my favorites, too!


  2. Don't have this in my collection of oldies but goodies but planning to see if I can find out. Unfortunately, back in the day my allowance wasn't enough for purchasing albums. I got more bang for the buck with $0.96 45s.


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