Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday

This is the tombstone of my 2ggrandmother's, Matilda, owner. GGGrandmother was a little girl when Matthew Hosch died. The proceedings from his estate incidicate that she was to go to Francis R. Hosch. Francis was more than likely Matthew's daughter as he had a daughter, Frances Rebecca Hosch.

Now the confusing part that I've yet to figure out is that somewhere along the way gggrandmom some how ended up with Matthew's son, Henry. Henry died during the civil war and the appraisal of his estate shows Matilda. Now cousin Roy always had a theory that Matthew's slave, Dave, was our Matilda's father because they both ended up with Henry. In the settlement of Matthew Hosch's estate, Dave was to go to Henry.

So much to get caught up on and understand.

Until next time!


  1. Question: How old was Frances when Matthew died? If she was a minor, perhaps Henry had possession until she came of age.

  2. Michael,

    I reread the proceedings from the settlement of Matthew's estate, and it does appear that Frances was a minor when her dad died. However, Henry, who was 26 when Matthew died, doesn't appear to be one of the ones appointed as guardian for the younger children or to be involved in the division. However, it appears that some of their Hill relatives oversaw the division, so perhaps they decided to have Matilda go with Henry.

  3. I feel your pain -- it's all such a tangled web of exchanges & dealings that seem to live outside of the documents at hand. Of all the exchanges, I most like Roy's theory, that Dave was Matilda's father -- hopefully, that gives you one more Grandparent & gave Matilda a bit more comfort.



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