Monday, September 21, 2009

Thoughts on a Monday Evening

After reading about many of the trials and tribulations many of my Genefamily have had in trying to communicate with the descendants of their slave owning family, I've always been grateful to the descendants of the slave owners of my Hosch ancestors. Perhaps it's the hunger and drive they have for their own ancestry and the problems they have encountered along the way that makes them so willing to help, or perhaps it's as cousin Roy said one time that they treated our ancestors like family even though we were property and while we are generations removed from that instittution which joined us and both families have gone on, perhaps that connection is still at the core of both sets of descendants. Whatever it is, I'm glad that it is there.

Since Saturday, Millie and I have had a few e-mails back and forth. She's provided me with a 59 page Word Document of the lineage of the branch of my slave owning family. In return I had the opportunity to tell her about the book, Nevah come back no mo' by Clarence Robert Hosch. She told me that she hadn't known about the book until I told her.

And so now as I sit trying to figure out the perfect way to close out this post, only one thing comes to mind: Blest Be the Tie that Binds.

Until Next Time!

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