Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Mother and Son

One of the benefits and joys of doing this blog has been my mother and I sitting down and looking through old pictures. Some I've seen before and it's like I'm seeing them again for the first time and other's I just don't recall seeing before although my mother has had them all along. This picture would fall into the latter category. This is a picture of my grandmother, Mary Pierce Hosch, and my Uncle Willie Felton Hosch. Uncle Willie is one of many Willies on the Hosch side of my family but was named after my grandmother's brother, Willie Felton. One of the reasons I like this picture is the illusion it creates. It's not that Uncle Willie was that tall but that grandmom was that short (under 5').

Until Next Time!


  1. I think the tree in the background adds to the illusion as well. Wonderful family photo. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love the picture. Like you I have really gotten into looking at photos some I have seen and some i have not seen. One thing photos do is never lie and when they were taken it always shows happier times.


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