Monday, October 13, 2014

Motivation Monday - October 2014

You know, even though I came no where close to meeting my September goals, and we are already almost half way through October, overall, I feel okay about my Genealogy activities during the month of September. I will say that most of those activities were performed on the paternal side of my family and you will be able to read about them, once I get them posted, on Conversations With My Ancestors.

So, the only goal that I seem to have gotten accomplished is I got back to blogging even if all my blogging was done using memes. But hey, it's a start to finally be seeming to get back into the groove.

Blogging wise, my goal was to do a minimum of 2 posts, not including Motivation Monday, for the month of September and I actually got 2 posts done. So, for the month of October, I hope to expand upon that and get three posts done, outside of Motivation Monday posts. But folks, I'm warning you ahead of time that most of these will probably be memes but like I said earlier, it's a way to begin again.

And yes, I still have those other two goals that have been hanging around for over a year and maybe I will get them done during the next month and a half.

In case you have forgot what they were.

In the area of Organization

  1. Get the Office / Craft room back in order
  2. Start organizing and making sure my citations are in order for my individual files
BTW, since we are already half way through October and I have tons on my plate, I'm giving myself until the end of November to get both of these accomplished, but hopefully, I will at least have made some progress by the end of October.

And in the area of actually getting back to the Research

  1. Read Slave Genealogy: A Research Guide with Case Studies by David H. Streets.
It occurred to me last month that I might have already read this but since I don't remember anything about it, I think even if I did already read it that it wouldn't hurt to go through it again.

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