Friday, September 19, 2014

Funeral Program Friday - Cousin Doris

On March 23rd, our family lost another of my mother's paternal first cousins, Doris Hosch Pulliam Greer.

In the past few years, partly thanks to me, mom and Cousin Doris had reconnected and were constantly calling each other. I too looked forward to being around Cousin Doris. She was a dear and sweet older cousin and if she was able, would do anything she could to help.

She was just as crazy about her nieces and nephews as she was her own children, grandchildren and great grands, and I swear she probably knew each and every one of her approximately 100 nieces and nephews.

On the back of the funeral one of the pictures included in the program is of Cousin Doris and Mom (in the blue T-shirt and hat).


Funeral Card Friday is part of an ongoing series that was started by Dee of Funeral Cards & Genealogy.

Cousin Doris' Funeral Program is part of my personal collection. In posting Cousin Doris' Program, I chose to black the location of members of her family.

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