Thursday, December 24, 2009

Genea Wish List

Reflections, Goals, and Wishes

Part III - My Wish List

  1. No Brick Walls - for as much as they have helped and continue to help me hone my research skills, they are very frustrating, especially the ones that have been with me almost since Day 1 and 20 years later, they are no closer to crumbling than they were on the first day.

  2. That request for Vital Records, SS5 Applications and various other documents were cheaper. No one ever said that this pursuit was cheap, but those $10, $15, and $27 per document costs add up.

  3. That I lived closer to my geographical research areas. It would be so much easier to take a day here and there and run over to the next county and poke around for documents, burial sites, old home places, etc. Besides the convenience, the cost savings would be tremendous (no hotel stays, travel cost would be minimal, etc.)

  4. That lost lines had not been lost, that almost lost lines do not become lost, and that I can some how reconnect with both.

  5. That there are photos of all my direct line ancestors lurking in photo album(s) somewhere and that each and every one of them has the ancestor's name written somewhere on them for easy identification.

  6. That there were no misspellings, misidentifications, etc. on the census, etc.

  7. That Grandma Mary Pierce Hosch had conveyed to her daughter, my mother, exactly how all of her "People" were related to us, especially Aunt Mattie, her half sister.

  8. That the destruction of the 1890 census via fire and water had not occurred.

  9. That I can identify my other slave-owning families and that the descendants of those families will be as kind and helpful as the descendants of the Hosch slave owners have been and continue to be. Thank you so much Pat and Millie.

  10. That my mother had had an opportunity to meet her grandparents. All four were gone by the time my mother arrived into the world. As a child she longed for a grandmother.

  11. That the tape mom and I made of granddaddy Hosch had not been lost / destroyed (taped over). 30+ years later, and yes I sometimes still hunt for it.

Until Next Time!


  1. Mavis,
    I'm impressed you did Reflections, Goals and Wish lists. Maybe I'll get to Reflections and Wishes next year. This year will be only goals. Happy New Year.

  2. Darlene,

    Heck I impressed myself (LOL). It started out just being just Reflections on the year then grew from there.


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