Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Madness Monday - Photobucket

I've not blogged in awhile. While I've been away, there have been some changes that occurred at Photobucket that affected my blog and many others.

In case you haven't heard, Photobucket, where I've stored pictures for years, has decided to start charging for posting pics to third party sites, which includes blogs.

While this change happened a few months ago, I'm just now finding the time to discuss it.

When Photobucket decided to make this change, they 1) gave no warning that they were making the change and 2) made it retroactive. What this meant for those of us who used Photobucket is that the links to the pictures in our blogs were suddenly turned off.

Instead of the picture that you included when you did your post, you now get this.

In order to be able to turn your past photos back on and to be able to post in the future, Photobucket is now charging $33.33 / month or $399.96 per year. Sorry Photobucket but that's not happening.

So, I've been researching trying to find the best way to revive my blog to include the currently lost pictures. By the way, the pictures are still on Photobucket, they just don't show up on my blog.

I know with blogger, I can just have the pictures stored here with Google but am wondering if there are other options.

So I have a question for my fellow bloggers, how do you store the pictures that you use on your blog?

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