Saturday, June 11, 2016

Perkins Family Reunion

In less than a week, my mother and I will get an opportunity to meet, in person, descendants of my grandfather's aunt, Penny Rome Perkins. That makes Aunt Penny my mother's Grand Aunt and my Great Grand Aunt.

I wrote about this branch of my tree way back in 2011, Surname Saturday - Perkins. It's hard to believe 5 years have passed since I wrote that post.

 Anyway, cousin, Viola Perkins Haymore, one of Aunt Penny's granddaughters, forwarded the information about their 2016 family reunion to me. Viola, my mother's 2nd cousin, had invited us to their 2011 / 2012 family reunion, also. But we were unable to make that one. This year both mom and I decided we had to go.

Mom. 87 years young, doesn't know how many more of these opportunities she is going to get and since outside her first cousins, she never really knew anyone on my grandfather's side of the family, she wanted to go.

Mom and I are both excited and from what I understand, our new found cousins are just as excited to meet us. I even have a spot on the program, to give a 5 minute presentation on how I discovered this branch of my family.

In addition to meeting my Perkins cousins, I'm hoping that I'll have an opportunity to explore Little Rock some. I've never been to Arkansas, much less Little Rock. Also hoping to do some along the way exploration as we will be driving instead of flying.

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