Monday, June 1, 2015

Motivation Monday, June 2015 Goals

It's hard to believe today is June 1st. I had promised myself to get back to my genealogy this year, and so far, it's been like every year since my father died. No activity on the research front, busy with tons of other things, and plenty of excuses.

But once again, I'm going to try to put forth some effort, starting today to get back to it. Time is running out. My connections to the past are dwindling, rapidly. The saga of my ancestors needs to be ferreted out and brought to light.

So what do I hope to get accomplished during the month of June as I try to get back to my research.


Organization or the lack thereof is probably one of the main reasons, I've struggled to get back to the research. And actually, I've finally started working on this this past week. This goal has been fairly consistent over the past, however many months years.

  1. About 2 years ago, I began a redo of my office / craft room. I never completed it and things just kept piling up around me. So, this past week, I pulled most everything out of the room in hopes of completing this project. (Goal Date: 06/30/15)
  2. Ensure the folders I created for individuals and families are accounted for and organized. During the past few years, I've taken folders out but not necessarily always put them back in the file cabinet or taken material out of a particular folder but not always put the material back in the folder (Goal Date: 06/20/15)

  1. Not including this post, my goal is to do at least one post per week, which means a minimum of four posts.

  1. I have no clue where to begin on this one. When everything came to a screeching halt, I had several irons in the fire. So the first thing will be to actually figure out where I was with the research or at least what topics I was working on. (Goal Date: 06/06/15)
  2. Once I determine what I was actually doing the last time I actually worked on my research, determine a plan of attack to try to break down some of those brick walls.(Goal Date: 06/10/15)
So, once again, I'm trying to go with baby steps to get back into the flow of things. And hopefully, I pray, this will be the year that I return to my research in full force.

Until Next Time!

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