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The Book of Me Written by You, Prompt 16 - Message in a Bottle

The Book of Me Written by You is a 15 month project that was started by Julie Goucher of Anglers Rest and consist of a series of weekly prompts to prompt us to take about our personal journey through life. You can read more about the project here.

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Prompt 16 is Message in a Bottle and the instructions for this prompt are as follows:

  • If you were to physically write or virtually write a message to place into a bottle what would you write?
  • Do you live by the sea and are able to potentially throw into the Ocean? Or perhaps a river
  • Do you feel strongly that you would not "litter" in this way - in which case you may complete the task virtually
  • What would you like to happen with the message?
    • Do you hope it is picked up somewhere, miles from home?
    • Are you going to create a secret email account in case it is picked up and someone emails you?
  • Or would you like to write an anonymous note to someone that you know?
  • Or write a message to a deceased love one?

I guess it comes from watching old episodes of Gilligan's Island when I was a child, but I've always thought the message in a bottle was the coolest thing.

I've always imagined myself stranded on a desert island  and the only form of communication being to place a message requesting HELP in a bottle and to toss it in the ocean. However, reality dictates that while I live in a state that has a coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, my most likely means of communicating via message in a bottle is to toss it into the Catawba River.

Picture of Catawba River obtained
via Wikipedia

I'm not sure what message I would put in the bottle other than to state that if you find this please contact me. My biggest interest would be in seeing how far the bottle traveled and who would retrieve it and contact me. I'm envisioning that my bottle wouldn't travel very far, getting caught up in one of the many dams along the river, but it would still be a fascinating adventure and I would like to communicate with whoever pulled it from the waters of the Catawba.

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