Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 Days of Genealogy - 10 Minutes at a Time - Day 2

October is Family History Month and Lisa Lee, Got Genealogy?, has
devised a clever way for us to squeeze a little genealogy in every day this month.

Since I missed reading this earlier this week, I'm a little behind on the daily activities and am trying to get caught up. So, you might see a few posts from me today as I try to catch up.

The exercise / activity for Day 2 is as follows:


This FREE Web site makes it easy to find interesting Web pages, photos and videos that you probably wouldn't find on your own.  You can create your preference of "interests," and StumbleUpon will go out and find other Web sites, photos and videos that include that topic.  In addition, if you login using your FaceBook credentials, whenever any of your FB friends "likes" a particular Web site in StumbleUpon, you'll be notified.  StumbleUpon makes the Web a much smaller place, and increases the likelihood that you'll find new information you probably wouldn't have found on your own.

I've seen some of my genealogy friends using StumbleUpon but never really understood it or knew exactly what it was until doing this activity.

I set up an account on StumbleUpon and selected my interests. I then searched on some of my interests. Although not genealogy related, I came across an interesting recipe posted in one of the blogs at for Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites. By the way, I am a Tarheel.

And although I've seen this before, the first thing that came up when I did a search of genealogy was a cousin chart which had been posted at Los Cuatro Ojos

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