Monday, January 10, 2011

Motivation Monday - Can I Apply FlyLady Methods to Genealogy?

I along with a lot of my fellow genealogists / geneabloggers have organization as one of our main goals for 2011. This, along with Weight Loss, always seems to be at the top of my list of goals for each year.

In order to meet this goal in life and in genealogy, one thing I’ve decided to do at the start of 2011 is revisit the FlyLady method / principles of organization. Several years ago, when I applied the Flylady to my everyday life, the methods / principles seemed to have an effect on me. But since I have a tendency to get bored, easily, I ended up dropping it and have been struggling ever since. So today, I’m recommitting to applying the FlyLady principles / methods in all aspects of my life including genealogy.

The FlyLady method is fairly simple; it’s just a matter of doing it. In fact, I think a lot of what she says is just common sense but it sure helps to have a bit of nudging, instructions, and motivation from her and the rest of the FlyBabies.

As I reacquaint myself with FlyLady and get back in the grove, I’ll discuss how I’m incorporating FlyLady into my genealogical organization efforts.

Household Chore 1 – Shine Your Sink

Under the FlyLady system, shining your sink is the first household chore. Why is this the first chore? As FlyLady explains it, if you’ve struggled as long as some of us have in this area, you need to feel a sense of accomplishment. When I did this years ago, I really didn’t think she knew what she was talking about but surprisingly that little accomplishment lead to more and more.

So, how do I plan to make this fit a specific chore in genealogy? This one’s an easy one. Instead of shining my sink, I’ll be shining my desks.


  1. I, too, have dabbled with FLYLady. I'll be eagerly watching to see if it helps with your genealogy organization!

  2. Mavis,

    I've never heard of FlyLady. I'll be checking in to see how it's working for your genealogy. Good Luck!


  3. I'm familiar with Fly Lady. I could never get into shining my sink but I CAN get into shining my desk! I think I'll join you. Thanks!

  4. For the past 3 New Year's, I've tried to get on-board with FlyLady. Unfortunately, I fall off the wagon each time after just a few weeks. The principles are great, but when I added up the time it took to do ALL of her chores each day, I would have spent the whole day cleaning my house! I would love a clean house (and a shiny sink), but just don't have that much time each day. Hopefully your application of her principals to genealogy will work better!

  5. Before genealogy, I often visited the site. Same as the FlyLady but different. Went to FlyLady to see what I could use along with the shining sink. The Control Journal might be key. OrganizedHome calls it a Household Notebook. Still a binder filled with quick reference stuff. I'm sure I'd been to the FlyLady before but going back over to refresh myself. Clean off my desk right after I press Submit.

  6. Thanks for posting the above URLs very useful. I'll explore them!


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