Monday, December 6, 2010

Amanuensis Monday – Research Trip, Day 1

After the 2010 Atlanta Family History Expo, I went on my first research trip. Day 1 of the research trip was spent in Monroe, Walton County, GA and Day 2 of the trip was spent in Greensboro, Greene County, GA.

The main purpose of this research trip was to acquire the probate records of my maternal Great Grandfather, Cornelius Pierce. Last year, I wrote the Walton County, Georgia Probate court to inquire if there were probate records for my great grandfather. They informed me that there were records but that due to the age and fragileness of the documents that they could not make copies. The documents would need to be transcribed or I could take a picture of them. I did both. My mother, who accompanied me to the Family History Expo and on the research trip, was a great help during the transcribing. She read and I wrote.

My great grand father died intestate, without a will. Therefore the records regarding his estate were found in the Minutes of the Walton County Ordinary Court and not the Wills and Estate Records. Because of this, it took me awhile to locate the proceedings.

Proceedings regarding my great grandfather’s estate took place over the course of the September and October 1911 terms of the court. (My great grandfather died May 14, 1910.) The following are the proceedings petitioning the court to sell the property. At the time of my great grandfather's death, he was in the process of purchasing this property.

Walton County Court of Ordinary, Oct 2nd Term 1911

To the Ordinary of said County

The petition of Jas. E. Carlton, adim of the Estate of Cornelius Pierce deceased, showeth that the Estate of said deceased in part A track of land in Town district it being part of the James Tanner Place. Containing 62 ¾ acres more or less bounded on the north by Alex Norris, east by Lon Pierce, south by Green Hawk, and west by G. A. Gibson and Mrs. Allcorn. Said Cornelius Pierce, at the time of his death, held bond for title to said land with part purchase money paid and the Bank of Monroe held deed. And said Bank of Monroe consents to the sale, provided the balance of the purchase money is paid by the Admin or all of the sale of the land and that for the purpose of paying the debt of said estate. It is necessary to see the said land. Therefore, petitioner seeks an order directing citation issue and be published as the law requires and if no good cause be showed to the contrary your petitioner be granted leave to sale said land.

J. E. Carlton Administrator

Walton County Court of Ordinary, Sept Term, 1911

Upon reading the foregoing petition, it is ordered that citation issue intervene and published as the law requires.

E. C. Arnold, Ordinary

Walton County Court of Ordinary, Oct. Term 1911

The written petition of James E. Carlton as admin of the estate of Cornelius Pierce, deceased, praying for leave to sell the land of said deceased having been duly filed and in appearing that notice of the same has been published as required by law that is necessary for the purpose of paying the debts of said estate that said land be sold and no objection being filed. Hereto it is ordered by the court that the said James E. Carlton he, and he is hereby granted leave to sell for the purpose of aforesaid, the following described land of said deceased all the track of land in town district in Walton County containing 62 ¾ acres more or less bound on the North by Alex Norris, east by Lon Pierce, south by Green Hawk and west by G. A. Gibson and Mrs. Allcorn.

The balance of the purchase money to be first paid to the Bank of Monroe, and the balance to be paid on other debts according to priority.

E. C. Almond, ondy

The underlined words were ones that mom and I had trouble making out.

Also, Lon Pierce, whose proprety was to the east, was my great grand uncle, great granddad's brother.

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