Sunday, October 10, 2010

Atlanta Family History Expo and A Contest

The Atlanta Family History Expo is the weekend of November 12-13 and is being held in Duluth, GA. Although I won’t be able to make both days, I will be attending. I’m looking forward to getting a chance to meet fellow Geneabloggers. What’s more, I’ve been invited to attend as a Blogger of Honor, which only adds to the excitement.

My invitation also will benefit one lucky reader. You see, thanks to the wonderful folks at Family History Expo (FHE), I have two free tickets to give away for the Atlanta Family History Expo. This would be a great opportunity for anyone who is currently conducting research or thinking about entering the wonderful world of genealogical research to come learn more as well as meet other researchers.

Entering the contest is easy. Simply view the Agenda for the Atlanta Family History Expo then return to this thread and let me know which session you would like to attend and why. That’s it. All entries must be in by October 23, 2010 at 11:59 pm. I will announce the winner on October 25, 2010. You can check back on that day to see if you won or not and to get instructions for claiming your tickets.

Best wishes to all who enter.

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  1. Mavis,,

    Good luck and have fun on your trip. I didn't blog it yet but i was in Hotlanta for Labor Day weekend. Had a good time.

    I was also wondering if you have started on your slaveowner families? If you intend to or have you maybe been able to determine yet if if families were slaves and if they took the name of their slaveowners? I found a F. A Hosch married to a Lesse Lott in Jackson County on 25 Dec 1879. There was no col or colored designation on this couple so you could assume white. Then of course you could also check the 1870-1900 census to see if the are black or white. I did a quick check and didn't find them. btw, Gwinnett & Jackson Counties touch at the corners.



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