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Surname Saturday - Stovall

Surname Saturday - Stovall

The Stovall surname represents the only 3rd great grandparent I’ve been able to discover.

My Stovall lineage is as follows:

  1. Me
  2. Mom
  3. Oscar Lucillous “LC” Hosch - born abt 12 Aug 1887 in Jackson County, GA; date of death - 10 Sep 1978, Shelby, Cleveland County, NC
  4. Sallie Rome – born abt 1868, Walton County, GA; date of death unknown (most likely between (1895 – 1900)
  5. Wyatt Rome – born abt 1840 in Georgia; date of death unknown (between 1910 and 1920), Walton County, GA
  6. Eliza Stovall – born abt 1810 in Georgia; date of death unknown (between 1880 and 1900). Grandma Eliza appears on the 1880 census in the household of my 2nd great grandfather, Wyatt Rome, but is not on the 1900 census.
In addition to Grandpa Wyatt, the 1870 Federal census points toward my 3rd great grandmother probably having at least 2 other children, Emma Stovall and Lou Stovall. I’ve tried to trace forward to find out what became of them but have been unsuccessful to this point.

WorldNames Public Profiler doesn’t provide any information on the origins of this surname. I tried a Google Search and checked out a few other sites in hopes of learning more about the origin of the surname and other than one site indicating that it was English and another indicating that it was French, there appears to be no available explanation for the surname.

Could this be a truly American name? The surname distribution leads one to believe this could be a possibility. The top three countries for this surname are United States at 53.4 FPN, Luxembourg at 8.5 FPN, and Canada at 1.6 FPN. The top three regions for the surname are Mississippi at 261.9 FPN, Texas at 209.75 FPN, and Georgia at 191.5 FPN. Finally, the top three cities for this surname are Memphis, TN; Atlanta, GA; and Chicago, IL.

I’ve not done much work on my Stovall line, so as always, I’m hoping that another descendant of Grandma Eliza Stovall will come across this blog and help me fill in the details.


  1. Hi Mavis,

    The STOVALL surname is English, a variation of STOVEL or STOVELL, which apparently had Norman roots (as per Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames).

    There was a STOVALL family that settled in the Virginia Colony in the 1600s. They apparently lived in Henrico Co VA early on.

    There is a mention of GEORGE STOVALL, JOSIAH STOVALL and THOMAS STOVALL in the book "Genealogies of Virginia Families" Vol II published by The William & Mary Quarterly. They lived in Mecklenburg Co VA in the late 1700s.

    Although I don't have any STOVALL ancestors, I have done a great deal of research in colonial Virginia. I have a lot of resources on hand. And many descendants of VA families ended up in NC, KY, TN and ultimately GA. Let me know if I can help you with research.

    Yours, Betty Tartas of Betty's Boneyard Genealogy Blog

  2. Betty, thanks so much for the information on the Stovall surname. Hopefully, one day I can do further research on this line and this will definitely be a help.

  3. Years of research brings me to A possible result of the meaning behind Stovall 1. The listeners, 2,begger, moocher. Vagabonds nomads. 3. Stones or stony

  4. I found your page looking for my grandmothers surname and it's meaning, and you popped up. I assure you our family was not beggars, moochers, nomads, etc. as the person above stated. Looking at my grandmothers family tree. We did originate from Georgia, Virginia, and Alabama area. Farmers mostly. If you do a search for Fay Stovall on ancestry you can pull up my grandmother and later on there. You may be able to link your family with my family. :)


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