Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Who is She?

Is this the infamous half sister, Mattie Henyard Martin, that only my grandmother seem to know about and thus only our line of my great grandparents descendants have ever heard about?

According to Little Irene, which is what mom and I both call our new found cousin, this picture hung on her grandmother Irene Martin Richardson's wall. There are no dates or names on the picture. Little Irene says some of the family says it's her grandmother's mother and others say that it's her grandmother's grandmother.

Both my mother and aunt Lucille recall seeing a picture of their Aunt Mattie but it's been so long ago that neither can say for sure whether the person in this picture resembles the person in the picture they remember seeing so many years ago.

This week, I talked with cousin Irene about trying to use the power of the internet to try to determine who the lady in this picture is. Both of us figured what have we got to lose. So, we are hopeful that somebody out there sees and recognizes this picture and can tell us who this pretty lady is.


  1. What a beautiful photo. Good luck finding out who she is. I also just got a photo from my mom of a baby with my great, grandmother's name but we don't know who she is. Maybe I'll post it and see if I get any hints...

  2. I hope you find out who she is. She is so pretty. What penetrating eyes she has!

  3. The question of "WHO" has stumped me as well. Good luck in your search. Nice picture - any restoration done to it?

  4. Mavis,
    Really interesting story --- wish I could see the picture, but blogger still does not have my issues solved.

  5. Whoever she is, she is certainly beautiful, and there is an eerie, deepness to
    her eyes that is like she is trying to tell us something. Good luck on finding
    out her identity.
    I teach because I care, and because I care, I teach.
    Renate Sanders

  6. Mavis,

    I have several pictures of unknown relatives with no clues to help me figure out who they are. Good luck with your mystery.


  7. Mavis, was this pic also in NC? Any clues on the "artist?"

  8. Kathleen, this is my new found cousin Irene's picture but she e-mailed me a copy of it. I would suspect it's from somewhere in Georgia. As far as I know, there were no clues on it. Irene said it always hung on the wall of her grandmother's house. Irene's grandmother and my mother were 1st cousins.

  9. My goodness Mav! What a striking image! Have you found a few places to post it online -- aside for GBC of course?

    I wanna know!:-)


  10. Luckie,

    Haven't posted it anywhere else besides GBC. Have been trying to figure out how to get in touch with Good Hope Baptist Church (Monroe, Walton County, GA) to see if any of their members might have a clue. I'm open for suggestions on other places to post it.

  11. On TV they call a black and white movie "colorized" when they digitally add color. What do they call this kind of photograph? I found one like this of my grandparents, and on the back the artist wrote notes like "dress- blue, tie- red, eyes- hazel" etc. and sure enough that's how he painted in the photograph!

  12. Heather,

    This looks like it might have been originally painted as is. I've a photo of my maternal grandparents that my aunt had "colorized" and the difference between that photo and this one are like night and day.

  13. fannie roach webb, member of county line ame according to mamie hillmans book

  14. Anonymous, thank you for your input. I checked out the picture of Fannie Roach Webb. The photo in the Greene county book is not the same photo as this one. The dresses the women are wearing aren't even the same nor or the hairstyles and facial features. As far as my cousin and I have been able to discern, this is my grand aunt, Mattie Henyard Martin. Since there are no identifying marks on the photo, my cousin and I were hoping that there would be someone who recognized it.


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