Saturday, April 10, 2010

Surname Saturday - Pierce


It occurred to me that while I’ve been working on my Pierce line for awhile now (see my recent Monday Madness posts) I’ve never discussed the surname.

My Pierce lineage is as follows:

1. Mavis Jones

2. Ovella Hosch

3. Mary Magdalene Pierce, born abt. 27 June 1890. Based on documentation to date, grandmom most likely was born in Clarke County, GA, although she spent the majority if not all of her formative years in Monroe, Walton, GA. Died 18 March 1966, Shelby, Cleveland, NC.

4. Cornelius Pierce, born abt. 10 March 1865, White Plains, Greene County, GA. Died 14 May 1910, Monroe, Walton, GA. Interred in Sheats Cemetery, in the Good Hope area of Walton County, GA

5. Jasper Pierce and Jane Pierce,

Jasper was born about 1850, in White Plains, GA. Date of death is unknown at this time.

Jane was born about 1844, in White Plains, GA. Date of death is unknown at this time.

From, comes the following on the Pierce surname:

Definition: Adapted from the given name Piers (a derivation of Peter, which means "rock") and usually meaning "son or descendant of Piers or Peter."

Surname Origin: English, Welsh


According to World Names Profiler, the top country for the Pierce surname is the good old USA at 550.01 FPM, with Mississippi being the top state and Chicago, IL being the top US city with the surname.

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  1. Mavis,

    With each story there is something to learn. Each one teach one - I'll have to check the World Names Profiler link shown in your article. A good tool to use in knowing the meaning/story of your surname. Something all "Newbies" can use.



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