Friday, April 2, 2010

Recognitions and Awards

This past week has been awesome, not in terms of finding my Ancestors but in terms of being recognized by my fellow geneabloggers.

First, Friday, a week ago, I was recognized by Genlighten in his Follow Friday Post. Once again, thank you for recognizing both of my blogs.

Yesterday and today, I received the Ancestor Approved award from Dionne of Finding Josephine. and Texicanwife of Mountain Genealogists.Thank you so much.

The recipient of the Ancestor Approved award lists ten things learned about their ancestors that have surprised, humbled, or enlightened. The recipient then passes the award to ten other bloggers that are doing their Ancestors proud.


  • My recent discovery - that my maternal grandmother’s first cousin, Nuna Pierce Jackson, was shot and that her death was ruled a homicide

  • Discovering that my grand Uncle, Felton Pierce, never went overseas during WWI and that while he received a promotion during his time in the Army, he was only in the army for 6 months during WWI and was in one of the reserve units

Humbled By

  • My maternal Great Grandfather, Cornelius Pierce, living his American Dream in the midst of early Jim Crow Georgia. At the time of his death in 1910, he was in the process of buying, via mortgage, his own 65 acre farm.

  • My paternal Great Grandfather Peter Everett living the American Dream by progressing from farmer, to working in a saw mill, to entrepreneur by being a merchant

  • The births of the Hosch Ancestors recorded in the bible of their slave owner, Henry Hosch

  • The struggles of my Ancestors and their ability to survive the middle passage, chattel slavery, Jim Crow, deaths of one and sometimes both parents, flu epidemics, etc.


  • That I have marriage certificates for both sets of grandparents and 2 sets of my great grandparents

  • To have a picture of my maternal Great Grandfather’s, Cornelius Pierce tombstone as well as that of my grandmother’s first cousin, Mood Pierce

  • That I connected with second cousin once removed I. McFarland and her mom, descendents of my grand aunt, Mattie Henyard Martin, my grandmother’s half sister.

  • To connect with many of my Grand Uncle’s, Will Hosch, descendants via Facebook

In case you didn’t notice, I included some of my paternal ancestors in my ten things.

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  1. Mavis,
    I don't see my comment here, so I' writing it again. first of all I'm more than honored to have my first genealogy award come from you. Thanks for passing it on to me. And secondly, I loved your responses to the categories.
    Thanks again...Kathleen,a3Genealogy

  2. Thanks so much for the Award Mavis. This is going to be a tough one, but researching leads us to new adventures every day and I can't wait to tell mine!!

  3. Congratulations! Nice thoughts/memories of your ancestors.

  4. Dear Mavis,

    We, genealogists and family historians, do what we do out of a need for honoring our Ancestors and telling the truth.

    That's why you received the "Ancestor Approved Award".

    Keep doing what you are doing for the Ancestors.

    Thank you for considering me for this mention. I try.

    I try to keep our Ancestors' memory alive and humbly accept your nod for the award. We need to support and push our peers to further efforts in keeping the memory of our Ancestors alive. They're counting on us!

    "Guided by the Ancestors"

  5. Mavis,

    Thanks for the award. I'm honored that you thought of me.



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