Friday, March 12, 2010

New Blogger Template Designer

I have tendency to get bored very easily with certain things. So, for the past few weeks I had been looking for a new template for the blog. Not finding anything that really struck my fancy, I decided to just continue using what I had. Well that is until tonight when Geneabloggers made an announcement about the New Blogger Template Designer. I dececided to check it out, and voila, Georgia Black Crackers  now has a new look and feel while retaining my green color scheme. Except for a few tweaks that will be made as soon as I learn a lot more about HTML coding, I like the way it came out and I hope you, my readers, do, too. But be forewarned, I'm sure this will not be that last change during the life of this blog. 


  1. Wow! Another great look! This is such a "peaceful" color set and layout - I am so glad Blogger Template Designer worked out for you.

  2. Thanks Thomas. For those of use who know just enough html codes, etc. to get us in trouble, the Blogger Template Designer is a godsend.

  3. Hi Mavis, I love the new look. It looks great!

  4. Thanks Sandra. I'm enjoying it too!

  5. I LOVE your new look Mav! So fresh & so clean! Feels... light! Let me know if (post-CoAAG) I can assist w/HTML. I may know a trick or 2!:-)



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