Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Morris Brown College - Class of 1950

From the personal collection of O. Jones

This is a picture of my mother's graduating class. My mother is fourth from the right on the front row.

Due to some shinanigans with their yearbook funds, I believe this picture is all there was for the class of 1950. At the time, my grandfather couldn't afford to get mom a yearbook or a picture. I vaguely remember mom aquiring this copy of her class picture from a classmate, and it is the only picture I ever remember my mother having a custom frame made for.


  1. This is great! What was her major?

  2. Darlene, she majored in home economics.

  3. Mavis,

    How great that your mom was able to get this photo, especially since she didn't get a yearbook. Thanks for sharing.


  4. San, per mom, I don't think anybody from the class of 1950 got a yearbook because ???? ran off with the yearbook money. I too am glad that years later she finally was able to get a copy of her class photo.


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