Monday, December 14, 2009

Madness Monday

Continuing the Hunt for Uncle Felton

Last week and today, I received what little information there is on Uncle Felton Pierce’s time in the army during World War I.

Last week I received his World War I Summary Card from the Georgia Department of Archives. At first glance, one would think there is not a lot of information there, especially from a genealogical stand point but I personally found the information contained on this summary card quite interesting. The following are some of the items note:

  • Contrary to all of the family stories, Uncle Felton did not actually participate in the war. He never left the country. He was in the Reserves, Unit 437. Given how our government at this time in history felt about sending colored troops into battle, I’m not surprised. There were a couple of black units that got a chance to go into battle but most did not.
  • Uncle Felton was inducted into the Army on August 23, 1918 and was honorably discharged on February 21, 1919. So, he was only in for 6 months. But during his brief 6 months, he was promoted to Corporal, achieving that rank on November 14, 1918.
  • The one piece of genealogical information is that his summary card indicates he was born in Athens, Clarke County, GA.
And from his Final Pay Voucher, it was noted that he was in Company C of the reserves

In my previous posts, I’ve noted that Uncle Felton’s WWI Draft Registration card, as well as my other great uncles, all indicated that their birthplace was Watkinsville, Oconee County, GA. (Oconee and Clarke were one county until the last quarter of the 1800s). Athens as a possible birthplace is interesting due to the fact that I think I might have stumbled upon my great grandfather Cornelius Pierce’s first marriage. If this is Grandpa Cornelius’ first marriage, it occurred in Clarke County.

So, now that it’s official that he survived the War, and per his niece’s memory (that would be mom), he visited his big sister (grandmom) and her family sometime between 1928 and abt 1936, what happened to him? Why can’t I at least locate him on the 1920 or 1930 census? Where else can I look for him? The hunt continues.

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  1. Mavis, I was attempting to check my resources to see if there was anything I could do to help since I also search in Jackson County, GA. I had almost given up bc I don't have any and haven't seen any PIERCE documents. Then I was glancing at the will book printouts to prepare for my work this evening. I noticed in the 1803 - 1888 will book microfiche I have on loan at the FHC, there are some PEARCEs in there. So my question is (to not make assumptions), have you checked for alternate name spellings?


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