Friday, November 20, 2009

Follow-up on Wesley Hosch from Wordless Wednesday

I know I'm supposed to be on mini hiatus for the remainder of the year. But wouldn't you know it, just when I was whining about having a lull in the research, I think I perhaps may slowly be putting a few things together.

A week or two ago, Pat, the descendant of 2ggrandmom Matilda's last owner, e-mailed me a copy of the picture of Wesley Hosch and asked me if I knew who he was. I of course had no clue. Forwarded it to mom and cousin Roy to ask them if they knew. Mom didn't but cousin Roy had said that he come across the picture when he was really going at the research. He informed me that Wes was the son of Daniel and Clarissa Hosch and that he had a brother named Cicero.

So fast forward to this week. I finally got the SS5 application for one of my maternal grandmother's relatives and since that didn't provide me with a lot of insight at the time, I some how got sidetracked onto granddaddy Hosch's side of the family. Granddad's distant cousin, Eli Hush, came to my mind once again. So playing around on ancestry, I came across cousin Eli's death certificate, which revealed that his father's name was Franklin Hush. One thing lead to another as I kept following his line back through the census records. It turns out that Daniel and Clarissa are Franklin's parents and in turn cousin Eli's grandparents, which means Mr. Wesley Hosch, from this week's Wordless Wednesday would be cousin Eli's uncle.

My mind quickly honed in on the fact that Daniel Hosch was only 5 years older than my Matilda. So, you know what I am thinking, that perhaps Daniel is grandma Matilda's big brother, which of course would make Wesley her nephew. If Daniel is grandma Matilda's brother, this raises more questions. He's not mentioned in the will of Matthew Hosch, grandma Matilda's first owner. The first info I have on him is in the inventory and estate appraisal of Henry Hosch, Matthew Hosch's son. Henry and his wife were grandma Matilda's last owners, too.

After my discovery, I immediately had to write cousin Roy and tell him all about it as I don't think I had ever mentioned cousin Eli to him. Turns out, while he had no clue of the connection, he had kept a lot of info on this line and gifted me with a picture of cousin Eli's grandmother, Clarissa. In return, when I get a chance, I'm heading to the hometown library and newspaper to see if I can find cousin Eli's obituary to send to cousin Roy. And hopefully between mom and I we can gift cousin Eli's descendants with a picture of their grandma Clarissa. Hopefully, it will bring the same joy to them that it has already brought to me.

Clarissa Hosch
wife of Daniel Hosch and grandmother of Eli Hush
Jackson County GA Historical Society

Until Next Time!


  1. Mavis,
    Wow! What a way to come out of your lull. This is really great stuff...and what a great picture.

  2. Sandra,

    Some how, I can always count on granddady Hosch's line. As I was making discovery after discovery, I kept going OMG!, OMG! Now I just need the rest of my ancestors to follow suit.

  3. Wow.. what great news! That's a fantastic picture. Keep at it! :)


  4. Wow!! That's awesome detective work there!

  5. Hello Ma'am. Can I ask a question? Is Clarissa a direct relation to Monroe Barto Hosch?

    1. I don't think so but my 2nd cousin, who did all of the slave era research on our Hosch line could probably answer that question.

  6. Impressive.May I ask if Wes Hosch is a direct paternal descendant of Monroe Barto Hosch

    1. Wesley does not descend from Monroe Barto, who is my great grandfather. Wesley is Daniel and Clarissa Hosch's son.


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