Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Ultimate Genealogy Goal (UGG)

Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings posts a "fun, challenge, assignment, or such" each Saturday. Since I started blogging, this is the first time I have participated. So, here is this weeks challenge / post:

What is your UGG - your "Ultimate Genealogy Goal" for the genealogy research that you wish to leave to your heirs, descendants and the genealogy community?

My Ultimate Goal has always been to reconnect all the "lost" branches of my family tree even if it is just starting with my 2great-grandparents and all the lines that descended from them.

My secondary goal, which is a more recent occurrence, is to tell the family story. What's the point in doing all this if I keep it to myself. How will unknown or denied ancestors be allowed to take their rightful place if I don't give them a voice.

How long do you think you have have left to fulfill this ultimate goal?*

I'm in my late 40's, so I'm not sure. Based on the longevity of my maternal side, I would like to think that I have another 40 to 50 years but one never knows. I just hope that if I don't make my ultimate goal that I've at least made enough of a dent that it can be handed off to one of my younger cousins, who I'm am sure will have their own dreams of what the ultimate goal should be.

Are you prioritizing your time adequately in order to achieve this goal?

Not at all. I've many interest and get distracted easily. As long as I don't take another full blown 10 year break, I think I will at least make progress toward fulfilling my goals.

If not, what should you do to achieve the goal?

To achieve my goal, I would have to give up all my other interests (Interior Decorating, Natural Hair Care, Fashion). Also, work and as Randy mentioned, it would probably help if I could be in the same locale that my ancestors are from.

Will you do what you need to do?

I doubt it. Just like the old saying "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy," all genealogy and nothing else makes Mavis a dull girl.

So, I will continue to work on all my other interests, there will be times when one will be the main focus, currently it's genealogy, hair, and weight loss, and the others get relegated to the background but what makes me me and gives me life is the sum of all my interests. And that is as it should be.

Till Next Time!

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