Tuesday, August 4, 2009

No Tombstone Today

Since I still need to get out and take some tombstone pictures, I decided to take a mini break today from Tombstone Tuesday.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, over the course of the weekend I finally got around to thoroughly reading a packet of information that my second cousin, Roy Hosch, sent me back in 1998. The packet contains several obituaries. Several were of my granddad's first cousins, Etta, RJ and Early Hosch in Lawrenceville, GA. Since mom on several occasions has discussed Etta with me, I decided to check Zabasearch.com and Whitepages.com to see if Etta's descendants might still be living. It appears that her daughter Doris is still living. I also think I found one of Etta's granddaughters.

Last night I typed my letters (I know handwritten is more personal but.....) and today, I dropped them in the mail. I pray these are my cousins and also that they respond. I'm so excited about the prospect of reclaiming a lost line and wonder if descendants of my 2ggrandmother's other children are still living in the Gwinnet / Jackson County, GA area.

Etta's pedigree is Etta May Hosch → Augustus "Gus" Hosch → Matilda Hosch

Till Next Time?

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