Monday, July 27, 2009

Madness Monday - Cousins

It's ironic that my great-grandmother Fannie fascinates me so, yet on a personal level, it seems that I hardly know her.

There has never been a mention of familial names with regard to Fannie yet it seems like my grandmother did know something about her grandparents. I desperately wish my grandmother or my great uncle JD, or my great aunt Ossie, were still here to tell me more.

I would even settle for my grandparents good friends, Lemon and Magnolia Tuggle, who also migrated to NC from Walton County. Mr. Lemon knew a lot of my grandmother's people but they are gone, too. So, I'me left to struggle and try to figure it all out myself.

I've got names of a few of my grandmother's cousins. I've been trying to work some of those lines, too. I've had success on some lines and the same frustration on others as I do on my direct line.

My grandmother's cousin that I had success with, Johnnie Lonnie Phillips, lead me back to the Pierce side of my grandmother's family. Turns out Johnnie was my mother's second cousin. His mother, Ella Pierce Phillips, was my grandmother's first cousin, her uncle Lonnie Pierce's daughter.

Now the line that has been just as frustrating as my direct line, the Durdens. These are some of my grandmother's people, but how?

Here's what I know about the Durdens


1920 Federal Census- living in Richardson District 559, Walton County, Georgia.

Bud Durden, Head of Household, born abt. 1870, age 50, born in GA, Father born in GA, Mother born in GA

Cora, wife, born abt. 1870, age 50, born in GA, Father born in GA, Mother born in GA

Weyman, son, born abt. 1904, age 16, born in GA

Claud, son, born abt. 1907, age 13, born in GA

Ironically, in 1920, the Durdens were living beside another set of cousins (remember Aunt Mattie and her children,

1930 Federal Census - living in Sandy Run, Cleveland County, NC.

Bud W, head, born abt. 1870, age 60, birthplace GA

Cora L, wife, born abt. 1870, age 60, birthplace GA

Millie C, son, born abt. 1906, age 24, birthplace GA

Mattie, wife of Millie C, born abt. 1907, age 23, birthplace GA

Johnny Moses, Step granddaugther, born abt. 1913, birthplace, GA

1932 Death Certificate for a Warren Durden, date of death Feb 15, 1932, place of death, Cleveland County, NC, wife Cora Lee Durden, birthplace Mattison, GA, parents Peter Durden born in Little River, GA and Silvia Jackson born in Little River, GA

If I could just put all the pieces together, I could probably solve Mattie, the Durdens and my great grandmother, Fannie, all at the same time. I keep having this feeling that it's some little small something in all the documentation that I already have and I've just not picked up on it, yet. What is it and when will I have that aha moment?

Until Next Time


  1. I hear your frustration & know it well... like I said, bless their hearts, they didn't know we'd come along with the need to understand their movement & footsteps.

    What I do like hearing is the "I keep having this feeling...". That's your spirit leading you to the answer. That's the Ancestors coming to your aid.

    Continue to follow that feeling. It is leading you to the answer.

    With you in the journey...


  2. Keep looking. Eventually, you'll find that connection you need.

  3. I was researching my boyfriend's family. His great grandfather was Pvt Wheeler Sharp. While searching I found a U.S., Army Transport Service, Passenger Lists, 1910-1939 - with this information on it:
    Name Wheeler Sharp
    Departure Date 4 Dec 1917
    Departure Place Hoboken, New Jersey
    Residence Place Good Hope, Georgia
    Next of Kin Corra Durden
    Relationship Mother
    Ship George Washington
    Military Unit F-302
    Rank Private
    Notes F-302nd Company Stevedore, Regiment

    This connects Cora Durden to Wheeler. I am not sure if you have this information yet, but it might help connect the dots for you. Shelly Cloud,


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