Friday, June 26, 2009

The Introduction to Ms. Fannie (Part 1)

The bulk of the stories handed down on my maternal grandmother's side of the family always seem to center around my great-grandmother Fannie.

First, there is her possible lineage that I mentioned in my last post.

But my favorite story that has been handed down is that after my great-grandfather died, great-grandmom said she wasn't going to remarry because of how great-granddad had treated her. Well, next thing you know some man comes along and great-grandmom tried to get all her daughters out of the way by marrying them off. Based on the 1910 census, my granddad lived two houses away and I've always imagined my great-grandmother saying to my grandmother "Mary, there's that nice Hosch boy over there that's about your age."

I don't know if there is any truth to the story but I can say that great-granddad died on 14 May 1910 and my grandparents were married on 9 Oct 1910.

Great-grandmom is also my most mysterious ancestor. The more info I find out about her, the more questions that are raised, which is why I've decided to introduce her somewhat slowly.


  1. LOL.. some conspiracy theory!

    I'm still hoping to find old pictures of my family.

  2. Your Grandma is certainly Native-American, the jawline, nose & cheek structure give it away. I'd love to know more about her lineage...

    One thing for sure, our Ancestors were characters just like us, so there's no telling what they had going on & why!

    And to A. Spence - the images are coming sweetie!:-)



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